Broadway Shows in Las Vegas-Remember When?

Remember when Broadway musicals were performed in the Strip hotel showrooms?

We do and we found these great show programs from back in the mid-1960s and early 1970s, when Broadway shows were popular with audiences on the Strip.

If you have memories of these shows or worked in them, we would love to hear from you!

Remembering the Beatles at the LV Convention Center

Fifty years ago this Wednesday, the Beatles appeared onstage at the old Las Vegas Convention Center's Rotunda.  They did two shows and all these years later, those who were there still remember that night:

Two of the best PR men in Las Vegas, Herb McDonald and Stan Irwin, arranged to bring the Beatles to Las Vegas in August, 1964 to perform.

“Well, I knew (who) the Beatles (were). So I said yes, but it’s gonna be too big for just the Sahara. I’m gonna put them into the Convention Center. Milton Prell, the owner of the Sahara, says ‘Well, you’re the director. You direct’. And I said, I’m bringing in the Beatles and I’m putting them in the Convention Center. Hotel Sahara  and Stan Irwin proudly presents the Beatles. ‘You, you’ll have, you have a sign like that, I’m sure’, Mr. Prell replied.

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The Classic Las Vegas Strip

The Classic Las Vegas Strip

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